Starting from Antarctica, I swam across the South Atlantic past South America, across the North Atlantic to the North Sea. On my journey I met many new friends like the sperm whale, the dolphin or the sea bird. In the North Sea I then followed the big ships to Hamburg. A very exciting trip altogether.

The harbor enchanted me directly with its imposing ships and the many friendly Hamburg people. I swam from there further through the harbor and looked around excitedly. I passed a lock in the inner harbor and immediately spotted the brightly lit Lufthansa City Center Premium Travel. "Wow," I thought, "how exciting." I hopped out of the water for a closer look. The nice team immediately waved me in and offered me a hot cocoa. "Welcome," Andreas said in a soothing voice, telling me about the many great trips Andreas and his team offer. "TRAVEL," I thought, "that's where I'm at, because I love to travel for a living."

Now you have got a first glimpse. Just follow me best and experience the adventures that I experience together with the Premium Travel Team. Because my first trip big trip is already coming, so be excited, I am too.