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Business Travel

Business Travel expert

Professional and powerful
Quick, easy, convenient: travel bookings with Premium Travel travel agency.
Our online booking engines and app solutions are your smart access to real-time booking of flights, hotels, rental cars and rail travel, taking into account your travel policies. The easy-to-use apps allow you to book business trips yourself quickly and easily - around the clock.
Travel Management

Whether you prefer personal contact with our team of business travel experts or want to use our powerful technologies yourself, with us you book 30 years of business travel experience at the same time. If you wish, we can integrate our innovative tools into your business environment and customize them to fit your company's travel policies.

Intuitive app - anywhere, anytime

We radically rethink business travel booking and provide a platform that travelers and their companies love. As the 1st provider in Europe, we jointly combine online booking and personal service to deliver the perfect answer to the modern traveler's needs - mobile, online and personal!

Additional services

24-hour service
We are also there for you outside of opening hours. For all questions and concerns, we know no closing time. That's why our 24-hour emergency service takes care of your important concerns about your business trip that can't wait, on request, 365 days a year.
Less than four rings

We respect your time by answering your call quickly and resolving your concern as efficiently as possible.


Prompt service - without rush

Entry requirements/care duties

Security Management - Minimized Security Risks - Competent Assistance Worldwide

Global travel and the current world political situation place increased demands on security aspects on business trips. In addition, legal requirements such as the duty of care for employees oblige companies to manage risks.

We work with experienced partners in the field of crisis and risk management to ensure that everything necessary can be put in place quickly if required.


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Sustainability in business travel: Green Travel

Travel greener. Protect the climate. Save costs.

To conserve resources, we can take environmental aspects into account when planning your trip and offer the option of offsetting CO₂ emissions through climate protection projects. We support your company with everything from comprehensive CO₂ accounting for business travel to customized travel management measures.